How to improve your resale value

20 November 2015
, CarsGuide

The best way to future-proof your new car, or protect the performance of a used-car purchase, is to keep it well maintained and play safe in the showroom.

Avoid loud or fashionable colours, especially on prestige and luxury cars, for a start.

Instead of paying extra for optional equipment, jump straight up to the next model in the range. And if you cannot resist ticking a few boxes for bling, go for stuff a second-hand shopper can see — alloy wheels, spoilers or a sunroof — instead of stuff that's hidden in the cabin.

Glass's Guide says the basics are straightforward and so is keeping the value over time.

"Keep your car well maintained with up-to-date service books, and avoid high kilometres," says Santo Amoddio.

"Anything more than 30,000km a year for a large car or SUV, or 20,000km for a small, sports or prestige car, is undesirable."