BMW M6 stamps an impression

19 November 2012
, CarsGuide

It would be hard enough to get the BMW M6 Coupe around a circuit laid with a double track of paper. Add in using special ink to print perfect tyre marks, and you’re talking about some really skilled driving.

BMW inked in the stunt at Illinois’ Blackhawk Farms Raceway with their top US driving instructor, Matt Mullins. With years of performance training to draw on, Mullins screamed the M6 around the track while releasing controlled jets of ink onto the tyres – creating a record of the car’s considerable acceleration abilities.

The high-speed artwork is being converted to special one-off ‘M Prints’ to be sent to M6 owners and prospective buyers.n It’s not BMW’s first foray into the art world. 

In 2009 South African painter Robin Rhode used a BMW Z4 convertible as a high-powered brush – using reservoirs of brightly coloured paint mounted to the rear axle, and dancing the car around a piece of canvas roughly the size of a football field.