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Danny Kwan

Danny Kwan

Danny Kwan is a former CarsGuide contributor, and an expert in the motoring industry. 

Exclusivity isn’t just a marketing buzzword for these five one-off examples. Long ago if you were a wealthy aristocrat, you would buy a chassis and engine from Rolls-Royce , and get the body done to your exact...Read more

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If there are certainties in life, it is death, taxes, and the eventual decay of the tyres we have on our cars. Unlike most components in a car, tyres have a limited lifespan, can’t be refurbished, and we're not in the...Read more
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The story behind this engine swapped '62 Ferrari might just make you fall in love with it. It is common knowledge that America’s motor culture is defined by its love affair with blue-collar muscle cars, while on the...Read more
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