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Utes starting over $70k

Utes starting over $70k

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Best Utes according to our experts


Ford Ranger


The Ford Ranger line-up has expanded to include a new limited-run Wildtrak X version, which adds a bit of extra kit over the standard Wildtrak. It looks the part, but how does it handle hard work?


Ram 1500



The Ram 1500 has a big V8 petrol engine, class-leading towing capacity and a cavernous cabin, but a lower payload than some vehicles a class below it. So does it really 'eat utes for breakfast'?


Toyota Landcruiser


Toyota's LandCruiser is a renowned people mover, adventure-seeker, towing vehicle and remote-area tourer, but times are changing. The 300 Series LandCruiser is not too far way but, with only smaller...


Volkswagen Amarok


It’s the ute Volkswagen says Australians want: an Amarok with a V6 engine and a manual gearbox. And after a long wait, it’s finally here....

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