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3 May 2017

Remember when Chris Harris drove a C63 AMG on space savers?

By Tom WhiteTom White
Looks stupid and dangerous, but also unbelievable fun.

Ever wonder what would happen if you channelled a crap-ton of power through one-third normal tyre widths?

Chris Harris did, way back in 2012, the car is the perfect choice, a RWD Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG V8.

He explains a little of the science behind it, which is likely the same science applied to the Toyota 86's use of efficiency-focussed Prius-spec tyres.

Making a RWD car while obsessed with the Nurburgring lap times means thicker tyres and more rigid handling but, as Chris explains, far less fun on the road.

We're inclined to agree, although wouldn't advocate driving any car around the street on four space savers (just for the sake of common sense and/or safety). Looks damned fun though.

Are you a fan of slim rubber or are you a thick-tyre bandit? Let us know in the comments.