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19 July 2019

Burnout fiend hoon methed up his Holden with a leaf-blower supercharger

By Iain KellyIain Kelly
Police discovered a home-grown "supercharger" fitted to the airbox of a V6 Holden Commodore.

Many of us will have seen the videos of guys supercharging cars using leaf blowers. While both Roadkill and Mighty Car Mods did their videos tongue-in-cheek one man in Western Sydney wasn't laughing.

Police discovered his home-grown "supercharger" fitted to the airbox of his V6 Holden Commodore this week during a traffic stop. It must work well, considering it was wired into the car's electrical system, and due to the bald and non-legal rear tyres.

Of slightly more concern was the unnamed man testing positive to methamphetamines both roadside and later at the police station. If the drugs made him fit the leaf blower to his car, this just reaffirms the old bumper sticker: meth, not even once.