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Honda Integra 2001

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Honda Integra 2001

The 2001 Honda Integra range of configurations is currently priced from $2,900. Our most recent review of the 2001 Honda Integra resulted in a score of 7 out of 10 for that particular example. You can read the full review here.

This is what Ewan Kennedy liked most about this particular version of the Honda Integra: Handles well, Minimal road noise

The Honda Integra is also known as the Acura Integra (1985–2001), the Acura RSX (2002–2006) and the Rover 416i (1985 - 1989) in markets outside Australia.

Honda Integra 2001 Price and Specs

The Honda Integra 2001 is currently available from $2,900 for the Integra (base) up to $6,270 for the Integra Type-R.

Pricing guides

Based on third party pricing data
Lowest Price
Highest Price
Honda Integra Model Body Type Specs Price from Price to
(base) Coupe 2.0L ULP 5 SP SEQ AUTO $3,100 $5,280
(base) Coupe 2.0L ULP 5 SP MAN $2,900 $5,060
GSi Coupe 1.8L ULP 4 SP AUTO $3,100 $5,280
GSi Coupe 1.8L ULP 5 SP MAN $2,900 $5,060
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Honda Integra 2001 Wheel size

Wheel size for the 2001 Honda Integra will vary depending on model chosen, although keep in mind that many manufacturers offer alternate wheel sizes as options on many models.The wheel size available will alter the range of tyres available to be fitted. Standard wheel sizes on the Honda Integra vary from 14x5.5 inches to 16x6.5 inches.

Honda Integra Model Body Type Front Tyre Size Front Rim Rear Tyre Size Rear Rim
GSI Coupe 195x60 R14 14x5.5 inches 195x60 R14 14x5.5 inches
base Coupe 205x55 R16 16x6.5 inches 205x55 R16
Type-R Coupe 195x55 R15 15x6 inches 195x55 R15 15x6 inches
Type-R Coupe 205x55 R16 16x6.5 inches 205x55 R16
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Honda Integra 2001 Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption for the 2001 Honda Integra is dependent on the type of engine, transmission, or model chosen. The Honda Integra currently offers fuel consumption from 6.5 to 8.3L/100km. The Honda Integra is available with the following fuel types: ULP and PULP.

Honda Integra Model Body Type Specs Fuel Consumption
GSI Coupe 1.8L,ULP,4 SP AUTO 8.3L/100km
Type-R Coupe 1.8L,PULP,5 SP MAN 8.1L/100km
base Coupe 2.0L,ULP,5 SP SEQ AUTO 6.5L/100km
base Coupe 2.0L,ULP,5 SP MAN 6.6L/100km
* Combined fuel consumption See All Honda Integra 2001 Pricing and Specs

Honda Integra 2001 Dimensions

Dimensions for the 2001 Honda Integra are dependent on which body type is chosen. The maximum width and height is 1725mm x 1400mm and can vary on the basis of model.

Dimensions for the Honda Integra 2001 Dimensions  include 1400mm height, 1725mm width, 4400mm length.
Honda Integra Model Body Type Height x Width x Length Ground Clearance
GSI Coupe 1335x1710x4380 mm 105 mm
base Coupe 1400x1725x4400 mm 111 mm
Type-R Coupe 1320x1695x4395 mm 105 mm
Type-R Coupe 1400x1725x4400 mm 111 mm
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Honda Integra 2001 Q&As

Check out real-world situations relating to the Honda Integra here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Future value of repaired classic cars

    If the body repairs are done well and are not clearly visible the affect on a car's value is minimal, but it does depend on how rare the car is. If a car is very rare it will have little affect, but if a car isn't so rare it is likely to have a greater affect. The cars you list aren't terribly old and they are still relatively common in classic terms, so I would be buying the car in the best condition possible. I would be very careful about buying the cars you list, as I reckon you'll be waiting a long time for the values to appreciate substantially.

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  • Honda Integra service charges

    It's not possible to say without actually seeing a detailed quote of what the dealer proposed to do, but you could do that if you had such a quote. It's hard to justify a difference of that amount, but I would guess he would charge you a substantially higher labour rate and a higher price for the parts. Even with all of that it's hard to justify the difference, and it further underlines the need to have a detailed written quote for work to be performed and it justifies the use of independent specialists who are often factory trained anyway.

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  • High octane

    CARMAKERS take a conservative view on things such as this. They are reluctant to say it can be used safely because they don't have the test results to prove it. If they recommend it and a problem develops, they can be liable for the repairs, so it's easier for them to advise against using it. I don't believe the new higher-octane Optimax with 5 per cent ethanol will cause a problem. I also believe you would be safe using a 10 per cent ethanol blend. Honda specialist Adam Kovarik reckons the best fuel is Mobil 8000, which is a 98-octane fuel. He says engines run smoother and perform better, and spark plugs seem to last longer on the Mobil fuel.

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  • Fix it or forget it?

    I WOULD ask the opinion of some auto trans specialists and compare their diagnoses. It would also be worth getting the opinion of a Honda specialist such as Adam Kovarik of In-N-Out Motors (9544 9986). Based on your report, Adam thinks the shaft probably is broken, and he recommends finding a low-mileage transmission to fit. The Honda auto is generally reliable if properly serviced. The broken hub could affect braking, probably by pulling to one side. I'd recommend you make the repairs before deciding whether to sell it or keep it. The Probe is a decent car, but I wouldn't recommend it for a young driver. It needs careful maintenance.

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Honda Integra 2001 Towing capacity

The Honda Integra’s towing capacity ranges from 0kg to 450kg. Some models also offer heavy-duty or towing option packs which can increase towing capacity, as well as options which can hamper towing capacity. Towing capacities can vary wildly on a large number of factors. These include engine, transmission, model, and options chosen. Always check with the manufacturer or in your vehicles handbook before attempting to tow anything.

Honda Integra Model Body Type Specs Braked Capacity
GSI Coupe 1.8L,ULP,5 SP MAN 450kg
base Coupe 2.0L,ULP,5 SP MAN 450kg
GSI Coupe 1.8L,ULP,4 SP AUTO 450kg
base Coupe 2.0L,ULP,5 SP SEQ AUTO 450kg
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