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Future value of repaired classic cars

Would the future value of a collector car be affected if it had a rear-quarter accident, but was repaired again and the complete car was re-sprayed to original condition? My thoughts are that collectable cars are built in low numbers to begin with and are hard to come by, so it shouldn't matter if the repairs and re-spray are done correctly. I'm considering a number of cars to purchase as future classics, hoping they might increase in value in years to come. The cars are: HSV VN SV5000, Honda Integra Type R, 1989 Mazda MX-5, Peugeot 205 GTi. What do you think?

If the body repairs are done well and are not clearly visible the affect on a car's value is minimal, but it does depend on how rare the car is. If a car is very rare it will have little affect, but if a car isn't so rare it is likely to have a greater affect. The cars you list aren't terribly old and they are still relatively common in classic terms, so I would be buying the car in the best condition possible. I would be very careful about buying the cars you list, as I reckon you'll be waiting a long time for the values to appreciate substantially.