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Peugeot Models 2010 Review

The nine new models kick off with the release of the 308CC and end with the RCZ 2+2 Coupe in July next year.

Peugeot Australia boss Ken Thomas says all their vehicles from next January would have ESP as standard. The new model line-up could also include a tenth model, the highly successful 107 or 108 if Peugeot Australia can get supply.

The 308CC arrives in diesel and petrol variants with a range of auto and manual boxes with prices from $48,990 to $59,990. Even though the top model is above the Luxury Car Tax threshold, the levy does not apply as the vehicle comes in under the fuel economy limit of 7.0L/100km.

The 308CC will be followed in September by a face-lifted 207, then the brand’s first SUV, the 4007 in November.

It will arrive in diesel only with a price starting in the mid $40,000s. An ‘outdoor’ wagon version of the 207 will arrive in December. Next year begins with a diesel 3008 crossover vehicle in March, and a petrol model a month later. A hybrid diesel-electric could arrive in 2011.

Also in April, Peugeot will release a 308 Euro 5 diesel with a petrol version in June. The RCZ rounds out the product offensive next July. The sporty coupe goes into production in April and Thomas is confident it will arrive here by mid-year.

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