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Ford FPV F6X 270 2008 Review

The F6X 270 drives like a Porsche but with out the hefty price tag.

There's no doubting it's quick, but we can't help wonder whether FPV has gone far enough with its cosmetic changes to please the revheads?

The turbocharged F6X 270 (the number denotes the engine's power output) looks decidedly under tyred, riding on the same 18-inch Goodyears as the donor Territory Ghia Turbo.

FPV boss Rod Barrett admitted he had reservations about the car's styling, but only until he saw the finished product.

After seeing and driving the finished car, we still have our doubts.

Of course, it's nothing a little optioning and accessorising won't cure and we're sure plenty of that will go on.

The F6X is priced from $75,990 for the five-seat version, with a third row of seats bringing the figure to $78,445.

That's $10,500 more than a Territory Ghia Turbo, with the only options the third row of seats, satellite navigation and the stripe kit (the latter will set you back $385).

The GT-style side stripes in most promotional photographs are not standard.

As with the Territory, there will be no V8 because there is no room for one under the bonnet.

To put this in context, 67 per cent of FPV buyers opt for a V8.

In terms of price and performance, Barrett believes the car has no real competitors, either imported or locally built.

“It's got Porsche Cayenne performance, but it hasn't got a Porsche Cayenne price on it,” he said.

The F6X arrives on the eve of the launch of an all-new Falcon, codenamed Orion, due to make its debut at the Melbourne Motor Show later this month.

The Falcon will herald new Typhoon and GT sedans to come from FPV at the beginning of June, undoubtedly with larger, more powerful versions of the turbocharged six and V8.

FPV's version of the turbo puts out 270kW of power and 550Nm of torque and that, as far as the F6X is concerned, is the way it's going to stay.

The Turbo Territory dishes out 245kW but a lot less torque.

The turbocharged six is teamed with the familiar ZF six-speed auto from Territory that allows the driver to change manually.

There is no manual.

Apart from the more powerful engine, $75,000 buys you bigger, beefier Brembo brakes and suspension that has been retuned to reduce body roll.

Inside, there's two-tone leather upholstery, but no gauges as in the sedan.

Four airbags and a reversing camera are standard.

A full-size matching alloy spare is under the back.

Surprisingly, the wagon has not been lowered, still riding at 179mm the same height as the standard Turbo.

Together with the smallish 18-inch tyres, you get the impression that FPV had Mum and the children in mind when it put this one together.

Having said that, at 2125kg, the F6X can still sprint from 0-100km/h in 5.95 seconds.

FPV's engineers worked with those from Bosch to recalibrate the electronic stability control system which is described as less intrusive.

The size and weight of the wagon demand that it exhibits more body roll than a sedan in corners.

Regardless of this, it still exudes confidence and it takes a lot to get the wagon out of shape.

Fuel economy using premium unleaded fuel is rated at 14.9 litres/100km, but this can vary greatly in either direction depending on how you drive.

All in all, it's an appealing package, but one that perhaps doesn't go far enough in terms of styling.

The F6X 270 goes on sale on 29, February 2008.

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