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VW Eos drive like a goddess

Yes, I know it's a fashion no-no, but, girls, I just couldn't resist. I went topless in winter and it only took 25 seconds. I have to admit though, the timing was all wrong but typical. I mean, just when I get my chance to drive around in a sporty open top, it rains.

I got to drive around town in a Volkswagen Eos and was pleased with my first impression.

The car has a chic and funky body design and I knew it would attract some looks.

The best feature, without a doubt, is the roof. At the press of a button, the Eos adapts to your mood . . . and the weather.

Its five-piece retractable roof takes it from coupe to convertible in about 25 seconds.

It has been cleverly designed with parking sensors and a windscreen-mounted wind deflector preventing the roof from accidentally opening.

But even with the roof closed, you can still enjoy the warm weather with an integrated glass/sliding/tilting roof, which lets in natural light and air.

Volkswagen has named the Eos hardtop convertible after the Greek goddess of the dawn.

And I felt like a goddess, spoilt for choice.

The car really does have it all. It gave me a new driving experience, lots of freedom and luxury, comfort and space, safety and, most importantly, performance.

The car is jam-packed with luxury items including leather steering wheel, cruise control, climate control air conditioning, electric front and rear windows, front cloth sports seats, ABS brakes, a six-speed gearbox and a dual clutch.

Then there are the safety features  such as; driver's and front passenger's airbags as well as combined head and side impact airbags for front passengers. For music fans, there is a six-disc mounted CD changer with eight speakers.

The car was smooth on the road and had a two-litre diesel turbo engine, which was a little clunky but very powerful and economical.

Friends and family were queuing up for a ride, despite the back seats being a little squashy. But whether you sat in the front or the back, it didn't matter, you still got to experience style and luxury at its best.

To sum up, fun, fun, fun. If only it was in the sun.


Love it or leave it

Volkswagen Eos

2.0 TDI

From: $47,990

Love it 

Choice: transfers from coupe to convertible in 25 seconds.

Comfort and style: lots of chic and funk.

Leave it

Not much room for passengers.