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US may take another Holden car export

Holden SS-V, badged as a Chevrolet SS, already had a good reaction from fans in the US.

General Motors has just rolled the Holden SS-V into US showrooms, badged as a Chevrolet SS. It's already had a good reaction from fans there, and starred at the recent SEMA aftermarket show in Jeff Gordon's Nascar styling pictured above.

Now comes news that a senior Chevrolet exec has suggested that success for the SS could lead to them looking at more powerful versions of the car.

Chevrolet performance cars marketing chief John Fitzpatrick told that a more powerful variant was a possibility, if the SS sales -- targeted at 2000-3000 per year -- were strong enough to suggest there would be enough volume in another model.

If the Chevrolet-badged Holden sells quickly priced from US$44,470 as an auto-only prospect ($47,685, on par with the auto version here) there could be room for something carrying a more powerful engine than its 310kW 6.2-litre V8, and perhaps not necessarily an automatic.

People say all the time, 'Why don't we have a six-speed manual? Why just one engine?' Fitzpatrick told And as Motor Authority points out that leaves room to consider perhaps either the manual version of the SS-V or -- and more attractively in the automatic-heavy but power-focused US market -- something from the HSV line-up.

A 325kW/550Nm 6.2-litre V8 Gen-F Clubsport, 340kW/570Nm Gen-F Senator or perhaps the snorting 430kW/740Nm supercharged version in the GTS? My, that does suit you, sir.

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