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Toyota 86 to live on as brand promises more "excitement"

It seems rumours of the Toyota 86's death have been greatly exaggerated

It seems rumours of the Toyota 86's death have been greatly exaggerated. Well, that's the word from Toyota in America, at least, which has responded to claims the brand's accessible rear-drive performance car is destined for the scrap heap.

Japanese reports that Toyota's focus on the incoming Supra would spell the end for the 86, which is jointly developed with the Subaru BRZ, seemingly doused rumours a new-gen version would appear in 2021.

The problem, the reports say, is that Toyota's four-cylinder Supra engine options effectively shrink the gap between it and the 86 to an unmarketable level.

But Toyota in the USA has stood up for its popular performance car, at least in the short term. Even if it did stop short of confirming a new-generation model.

"As Akio Toyoda said at the reveal of the 2020 Supra, Toyota is committed to building exciting vehicles, including sports cars. The 86 has been in the Toyota family since 2013 and the plan is that it will continue to be a part of Toyota’s sports car line-up," one spokesperson told US outlet Motor1.

Toyota Australia has been contacted for comment.

The Toyota 86 or the Supra? Which is your performance pick?