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Skoda Octavia RS-P shows promise

...but Skoda Australia engineers, in a world coup, have produced a one-off RS Octavia that shows the car has much more to offer. The team of engineers were given a free hand to tinker with the RS. The RS-P (P for project) had its first on-track outing at Camden airport near Sydney on Tuesday, with engineers evaluating its ride and handling.

The RS was given massive brakes, a 14-way adjustable suspension so engineers could adjust the ride height, dampening and rebound rates, a larger exhaust system and substantial bracing.

No changes were made to the engine - that comes next - although a new air filter and the changes to the exhaust have already lifted power from the 2-litre TSI petrol engine from 147Kw in the standard RS to 154kW.

Motoring journalists were given track rides and the verdict from the passenger seat: there are still some understeer issues but the car's handling and braking is awesome. Skoda plans to develop the RS-P further but is keeping tight lipped as to its future.