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Rolls-Royce Phantom 2019 introduces ridiculously opulent "privacy suite"

Rolls-Royce customers have typically liked being isolated from the masses, but now they can be separated from the help too.

Like a first-class suite on an aeroplane, the Rolls-Royce Phantom's Privacy Suite allows the backseat riders to effectively split the car into completely seperate sections, with an electrochromatic glass screen that is deployed at the touch of a button.

The glass is see-through, allowing the backseat rider to see out onto the road ahead. But at the push of a button, the glass transforms from clear to opaque - ensconcing the car's owner in complete privacy.

The glass, exclusive to the long-wheelbase variant, is designed to be as close to sound-proof as possible, with Rolls deploying a "frequency-specific compound" that blocks conversations occurring in the backseat from being heard in the front, but there's also an intercom system which gives direct access to the driver.

"The Privacy Suite represents a leap forward in sound absorption in a motor car that is already hailed as the quietest in the world, delivering the highest possible levels of acoustic insulation," says Rolls-Royce.

It appears Rolls-Royce has thought of everything on this one, too. A window that can only be opened by the rider allows the driver to pass documents through to the backseat, with the opening illuminated to ensure "passengers are satisfied with the nature of the documents or objects before they receive them."

And just in case the backseat rider gets bored, a new Theatre Entertainment system serves up two 12-inch HD monitors that link with the car's entertainment functions, too.

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