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Rinspeed MicroMax has standing room only

The Rinspeed MicroMax fits in the same size parking space as a Mini Cooper but, at 2.2-metres high, is as tall as a van. The RinSpeed MicroMax braces drivers and occupants in upright positions to comfortably fit four people into the smallest car possible.

The compact dimensions are designed to beat traffic congestion and solve parking problems. But given that you’re standing, you may be no better off than if you were travelling on a crowded train.

The one-off concept car will be unveiled at next month’s Geneva motor show, which is known for its whacky car designs from around the world. But local company Rinspeed is among the weirdest of them all.

The MicroMax is powered by a 32kW electric motor from a forklift, and the car emits a hum to warn pedestrians it’s approaching. Although it is designed as commuter transport, this topsy-turvy vehicle has a top speed of 95km/h.

A statement from the company said: “This ingenious commuter vehicle merges personal and public transportation in very clever fashion.”

It also has a social network that allows people to hitch a ride. Subscribers to “urban swarm” can plot their destination in the hope that someone in a MicroMax is going their way.

But don’t rush to a dealership or download the mobile phone app just yet, though. For now it is just a motor show tease.