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Mark Wahlberg is selling Chevrolets now

"Marky" Mark has visions of expanding his dealership empire

He might be a Hollywood hunk more used to delivering lines than new cars, but that hasn't stopped Mark Wahlberg opening the first of what he says will be many Chevrolet dealerships in the USA.

Yep, were you shopping for a new Chev in Columbus, Ohio, over the weekend, you may well have been served by the Oscar-nominated actor, who spent the weekend at his namesake dealership, Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet.

Wahlberg's plenty familiar with the brand, too, having spent years filming his Transformers franchise with his Camaro-cum-Bumblbee co-star.

"This is not a conspiracy to promote another Transformers movie,” he promised.

While he concedes he won't often be at the dealership, Wahlberg is investigating innovative ways to "pop up" while people are shopping for cars. There will also be Wahlberg-edition models on sale (complete with autographs).

“You could be on a test drive, I might just pop up there on a screen,” he says.

Wahlberg owns the dealership with his associate Jay Feldman, with the new business joining a growing empire than includes the Wahlburgers restaurant chain and a cricket team in Barbados. But it's all cars all the time now for the Hollywood star, who is planning on expanding his dealership network.

"I want to be as close to and involved in the Midwest as I can, so, yes, this is the first of, I don’t want to say many, but a few," he says.

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