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Jeremy Hart blog Death Valley

The thermometer on our Fiesta reads 120 degrees (over 50 Celsius). Four hours out of LA, this is one of the hottest places on the planet.

Car companies come here to bake their cars to the kind of extremes they hope their customers will never experience. And with good reason. A few hours without water in the desert here and it would be curtains...

I've always wanted to try out that supposed myth that you can fry an egg on a car in such heat. Parked opposite the world’s tallest thermometer in the appropriately named town of Baker, California, I put the theory to the test...

The roof the Fiesta is too hot to touch. So my expectations are high as I crack the egg onto the sunny side up part of the car. But there’s not a sizzle as yolk hits metal. And after 5 mins it is clear that I am more myth buster than masterchef.

Right... off to Vegas for a properly cooked meal.