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Gone for good? Tesla Model S and Model X electric car order function removed from Australian website

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Earlier this week, hopeful buyers were still able to place an order for an S or an X.
Earlier this week, hopeful buyers were still able to place an order for an S or an X.

Tesla has removed from its Australian website the ability to place a deposit for a new Model S or Model X electric car without an announcement or correspondence explaining the change.

Only earlier this week were customers able to put a deposit of $350 down to secure an order for a new Model S or Model X, though now the website leads users to a ‘Get Updates’ page to enter contact details.

It’s presumed more information on the Model S and X will be sent to those who do so.

While it could be that the change was made for right-hand-drive models, the Tesla UK website still allows orders to be placed.

A facelift for the Model S and Model X was revealed in 2021, though no examples have arrived in Australia since.

Tesla Australia is seeking clarification after being contacted by CarsGuide to query the website change.

There have been reports via groups and forums of Australian customers having waited almost two years since placing a deposit for the Model S, so the company’s move to cease new orders could be a sign that it hopes to either catch up, or that planned right-hand-drive production numbers for Australia have been filled.

This comes as US pricing for the Tesla Model Y small SUV drops to its lowest ever figure,

Stay tuned for updates on Model S and Model X as they come.

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