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Could Sony take on Telsa with its own electric car?

Sony's Vision-S concept car was wheeled at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Sony has revealed its own concept car dubbed the Vision-S at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Though the vehicle is less likely a preview of a future production car, it showcases Sony’s advanced sensing technologies and in-cabin multimedia systems.

Developed on a new electric vehicle platform, Sony promises that other body styles can be spun off the Vision-S sedan, including the increasingly-popular SUV.

The Vision-S was built with the help of car component-makers Magna-Steyr, ZF, Bosch and Continental, while Sony also enlisted various tech brands such as Qualcomm, Nvidia and Blackberry.

Fitted to the Vision-S are 33 sensors, which include sold-state Lidar and CMOS units, that are able to scan the surround environment and recognise people and objects to feed into autonomous driving technologies.

Vehicles already fitted with Sony’s CMOS imaging sensors include the Toyota Crown sedan, Alphard people mover and Corolla Sports, as well as the Lexus ES, NX and UX that use the systems in night-time autonomous emergency braking systems.

Inside, the Vision-S is equipped with Sony’s ‘360 Reality Audio’ that “provides a deep and immersive audio experience” by providing building speakers directly into each of the four passenger seats.

A time-of-flight (ToF) sensor is also used to detect passengers and objects inside the car which, according to Sony, can optimise the multimedia system and increase occupant safety.

Front occupants are also treated to a wraparound panoramic screen, which is used to display driving information and interact with the multimedia system.

Exact details on the all-electric powertrain were not revealed, but a video showcases the Vision-S sports a 510km driving range with a 96 per cent battery.

Style-wise, the Vision-S borrows from the Porsche Taycan with recessed headlights, sleek front end and connected tail-lights.

The Sony sedan also sports hints of the Tesla Model S thanks to its high shoulder line and sloping rear glass window, while cameras replace the side-view mirrors.

In the reveal video, Brembo brakes and a folding rear spoiler can also be glimpsed.

“Our sights are set on the future age of autonomous driving,” Sony stated in the reveal video at CES.