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Bev Brock backs 'Class Driving'

Bev Brock (inset) is still mourning Peter's passing, and, coming up to Easter, has a strong message on road safety.

It's six years now since Peter Brock, happily celebrating his 60th birthday at home in Melbourne, told everyone how he and his best mate Eric Dowker planned to live until they were 120. Not much more than a year later he was dead.

Brock's death was a tragedy at the time and he is still missed today, but there is more to be learned from his terrible crash on a public road in Western Australia. He might have been driving in a car rally at the time, but the disaster proved that even Australia's best driver can make mistakes on the sort of nasty roads which all of us tackle every single day. Brock's crash also showed that it only takes one tiny mistake - the sort of mistakes which are common for young and inexperienced drivers - to create a tragedy.

Now Brock's partner of 29 years, Bev, is trying to get people thinking again as a way of marking what would have been - on February 26 - Brock's 66th birthday.

"I just get so frustrated when I see the carnage on the roads, most of it totally preventable. There are so  many people who care and would do anything to get the message across but it seems you can't put wise heads on young shoulders," Bev says.

"I have recently been going through our paperwork that I have kept since 1976. In that is every article Peter wrote on what he liked to refer to as Class Driving. Despite being keen to raise the standard of driving skills and increase the understanding and love of motor vehicles, his greatest attention was directed to driver attitudes. He believed totally in personal responsibility and knowing the consequences of one's actions. He was fully committed to total focus when turning on the ignition key. He knew that the attitude of the driver was paramount to driver performance."

Bev is still, like so many others, mourning Peter's passing but she also thinks it is time to start spreading a new message with a Class Driving connection.

"I accept that it is currently not possible for every student approaching driving age to be taught to drive as a standard part of their education. I also understand that it takes time to collect the statistics to clarify what is effective and what isn't. What is without doubt is the value of developing a healthy attitude, acceptance of self responsibility and maintaining regard for and respect of others in our community."

Bev knew Peter Brock better than anyone and, coming up to Easter, has a final plea.

"Hopefully the graphic and final message he left can convince others that they ignore these warnings at their own peril and that in doing so they jeopardise not only their own safety but the safety of others on our roads. Maybe, just maybe, his attempts to make the world a better place can actually have a positive impact on others despite the fact that he is no longer physically here to do it."