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Bentley models go greener

Certified green machines... 85 per cent of all materials used in its Continental models are recyclable.

The British-based, German-owned, manufacturer now guarantees that 85 per cent of all materials used in its Continental models are recyclable which also makes it more attractive for the company to offer environmental recovery at the end of the car's life.

Official recognition of Bentley's efforts came in the form of a certificate from the German Motor Transport Authority (KBA). In a ceremony in Berlin, KBA's President Ekhard Zinke presented the official European-wide certificates to Dr. Arno Homburg, head of Whole Vehicle Development at Bentley Motors.

"Our environment policy is based on sustainable principles and we take a holistic view of the whole process," Dr Homburg says. ""At the design stage we consider the environmental impact of all components over the entire life of the car. This is despite the fact that over 70% of all Bentleys ever produced are still in existence - our cars tend to end up as collectors' items rather than scrap."

The recycling certificate is part of a comprehensive environmental strategy Bentley is applying, including offering bio-fuel capable models pioneered with the Continental Supersports which can be powered by either gasoline or ethanol.

Bentley announced at the Geneva motor show earlier this year that by 2012, all Bentley models will be available with flex fuel technology.