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2019 McLaren Super Series aerodynamic improvements teased

A second teaser image of McLaren’s forthcoming second-generation Super Series model has been revealed before the super-coupe's March debut at the Geneva motor show.

Despite being shrouded in mystery with a single close-up shot, the British brand has unveiled details of the new model's aerodynamics, which are said to be twice as efficient as the outgoing 650S.

A new wing spoiler, which covers the breadth of the car, can move upwards and adjust its angle in less than half a second to help generate downforce at lofty speeds or assist with braking.

The supercar-maker says the new Super Series will be more slippery than the current 650S due to a comprehensive upgrade of its aerodynamics, while still producing significantly more downforce at high speed.

McLaren Automotive executive director of product development Mark Vinnels said the aerodynamic potential of the next Super Series offers improved stability over the current model.

“The second-generation McLaren Super Series will be as aerodynamically impressive as it is visually beautiful,” he said.

“A range of advanced aerodynamic technologies contributes to maximum generated downforce over 50 per cent greater than that of the McLaren 650S and ensures truly outstanding levels of grip and stability.

“We have also markedly improved cooling efficiency, with a 15 per cent gain overall and a particular focus on airflow to the engine’s high temperature radiators through a unique new design of dihedral door.”

Separate air ducts that control air flow are used by the butterfly doors on the second-gen Super Series – one vent uses air from the front wheel arch to increase front-end downforce, while the other sucks air from the top of the door into the radiators to cool the mid-mounted engine.

The new supercar’s rear end features lashings of exposed carbon-fibre, which is likely related to the new carbon-fibre chassis McLaren revealed in a separate teaser image earlier in the month.

the Super Series may share other design elements from McLaren's discontinued hero model.

That first teaser image showed the 'Monocage II' chassis that “delivers extreme strength and contributes to the car’s light weight”, according to the manufacturer.

The next Super Series is also lighter thanks to its new chassis, sporting a dry weight of 1283kg, some 18kg lighter than a similarly-specified current model 650S.

Monocage II will also offer a lower sill and bigger cabin entrance, which enhances visibility, access and contributes towards a lower centre of gravity.

The second teaser image hints at P1 hypercar-derived tail-lights – which are long, thin and unbroken – suggesting the Super Series may share other design elements from McLaren's discontinued hero model.

The debut of a second-generation model will be a first for McLaren since its 2010 launch as a stand alone manufacturer.

The Super Series represents the supercar-maker's mid-range model and is currently identified by model names beginning with a 6, and sits below the top-of-the-range Ultimate Series (the P1 and P1 GTR) and above the Sports Series (540C and 570S).

The Super Series will be completely revealed by McLaren at the Geneva motor show in March, including full specifications and details.

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