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Holden Cruze: Will Holden cover the cost of replacing the transmission?

My Holden Cruze 2010 is having transmission issues. My dealer’s report indicates that the problem is a manufacturing one. I have approached Holden to cover the transmission replacement cost, but they are only covering 66 per cent of the cost, which will leave me with another $2000 bill and diagnosis cost of $319. They are claiming that the car is a 2010 model and consumer law guideline only applies to goods brought after 1st January 2011, they are not liable to cover full cost of the replacement. Please advise.

The offer you have been made is pretty standard one, and not a bad one given that your car is now eight years old. If you want to pursue Holden for the full amount it would be best to consult the state consumer affairs department in Perth and get their advice.