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Holden Commodore 1999: LPG conversion

I have a 1999 VT Series II 3.8-litre V6 that has done 217,000 km and I'm wondering if it would be suitable for converting the LPG? Currently I am traveling between 1000 and 1500 km per week. I have not had a problem with the vehicle and would prefer to not have to change it, unless the life expectancy or suitability for the conversion was a potential issue.

You're certainly doing enough kilometres to justify switching to LPG, but you need to establish the health of your engine before committing. It has already done over 200,000 km, and while the 3.8-  litre V6 is a pretty tough old nail you have to think its best is behind it. At the rate you travel it will have done more than 350,000 km within the next two years, and that's a lot. I would be reluctant to convert it because of is age and kays done, but if the engine is in good shape it could be worthwhile.