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Toyota Kluger: What SUV would have less cabin noise?

I have a Toyota Kluger Grande, which is noisy in the cabin due to road noise. Would the Honda CR-V be less noisy, or would you recommend some other car. I need a small SUV.

So many things affect road noise, which makes it difficult to fix. There’s the road surface itself, the tyres, and the noise insulation in the vehicle. The Honda CR-V might well be quieter, but could still be noisy on the roads you drive on. If the road noise is the thing that is making you switch vehicles, then it might be worth talking to a tyre dealer about a tyre that might be quieter than the ones on your Kluger. If you want to go down that road, you could try a Mazda CX-5 or CX-7, a Kia Sorento or Sportage, Toyota RAV4.