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Renault Koleos battery problem

In February I bought a Renault Koleos diesel company demonstrator with about 7000km. In April, I tried to start the car in our garage but it was unresponsive. The battery was checked and found to be charged but still failed to respond until it was disconnected and reconnected. Two days later when I inserted the key, every light on the dashboard flashed, the windscreen wipers started in slow motion then everything went blank and the vehicle was totally unresponsive again. The dealership checked there was adequate charge in the battery but could only start the vehicle again by disconnecting and reconnecting it. The battery was not the original and I later confirmed the dealership had replaced the battery under warranty. The vehicle was returned to us but once again it was unresponsive. We are told computer modules are being replaced.

Renault Australia promises a proper solution. Spokeswoman Mel Cross replies: "Renault is rectifying the vehicle with new parts."