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My Great Wall Steed keeps breaking down, can I get a refund?

I bought a brand new Great Wall Steed in February this year, after 3000 km it broke down with a DPI fault and it was repaired under warranty. The car was serviced at 5000 km, and at 7000 km broke down with DPI fault again. After nearly three weeks at the dealer it was replaced. Got the car back a week ago and it has happened again after another 650 km. What are my rights? Can I have the car replaced or money refunded as this is impacting my work?

It would appear that you have a good case for a refund or a new car, but it’s a matter of negotiation with Great Wall in the first instance. If you don’t have any success go to the Victorian Government’s Consumer Affairs Department and enlist their help in negotiating a satisfactory outcome.