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Charlie & Henny Zuidema ASKED THE GUIDE

Mid-size hatch to replace i30?

Would you advise me on new mid-size hatch to replace our Hyundai i30? The i30 has all the features we need, but we are seniors and find it hard to get in and out of it.

You don’t say what makes it hard to get in and out for you, so I’m taking a stab in the dark. There are a couple of possibilities, one being that the doors are too short and don't open wide enough, another is that it’s too low. A move to a mid-size hatch like a Mazda6, Honda Accord or Subaru Liberty would probably address the first, while a high-riding SUV such as a Kia Sportage, Hyundai iX35 or Mitsubishi ASX would help with the second.