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Hyundai Tucson 2015: Why am I having so many issues?

I purchased a new Hyundai Tucson Active X in May 2016. It was advertised as a 2016 model, but I later found out after the purchase that it was a December 2015 model but anyway … it has always been serviced by Hyundai at the exact km intervals when due. At the start of this year the engine had to be replaced as it started making a clicking noise while I was driving it to a Christmas function one day. The Hyundai dealership I have always taken it to replaced the engine. I have also had a fault with the left blinker not always going on or staying on when switched on, which has been mentioned to them multiple times, but still always plays up every time I pick up my car and I have to mention it to them again. Now yesterday, when I was driving, my reversing camera got stuck on my screen and wouldn’t go off even when changed to park/neutral/drive etc. I tried turning my car off and leaving it for a minute and turning it back on but still no luck. As well as that, yesterday just after the reversing camera started playing up, the brakes started making a clicking noise from near the gears area when pressed when in park, but not at any other time.

What is going on with my car? I purchased a new car hoping that these sorts of things wouldn’t happen. Have I been sold a dud? I loved my car when I first had it, and planned to update in another year or so, giving my car to my husband and I would just get a new Hyundai. But unfortunately after these experiences so far, there is no way I would be buying a new Hyundai or recommending a Hyundai Tucson to anyone. What is going on with my car and why are there so many issues? Should I contact Hyundai head office?

As the car is still under warranty you should certainly contact the dealer and express your dissatisfaction and ask them what they are going to do to fix your car. If that doesn’t get a positive response then contact head office.