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Holden Cruze 2010: Injector failure

I recently took my 2010 Holden Cruze to a dealer for a suspected injector failure. They confirmed it and charged me $4000 for the replacement of all injectors. Now they have advised me there is another issue – missed apparently in the previous diagnostic and work. Suspected issues include valves, or combustion chamber, but they won’t know until they pull the motor apart. Is it acceptable that this issue was missed? Should I be liable for additional diagnostic charges (expected in the thousands to pull apart the motor), plus repair costs?

I would question the dealer’s competence and seek a second opinion from another mechanic. I suspect they misdiagnosed the problem in the first instance, and think that perhaps it wasn’t a faulty injector. If you go ahead and give them the approval to pull the engine apart you will be liable for the costs, and you will be liable for any costs for repairs that come out of that.