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Holden Commodore: Stretched timing chain

My SV6 Commodore has done 104,000 km and has got a stretched timing chain. My dealer told me it would cost me about $2600 to replace, but as far as I can see a timing chain shouldn't need to be replaced in the life of the engine, unlike a timing belt. The car has always been serviced at Holden at the correct service intervals. Isn't this a fault the manufacturer should fix? If so, how can I get them to accept this, as they haven't been willing to accept responsibility?

The Holden V6 clearly has a problem with the timing chain, and like you I don't think it should have to be replaced, certainly not at such a low kay reading. I believe you should at least have a claim against Holden to cover part of the cost of replacing the chain. Go back to your dealer, and if necessary Holden as well, and press your claim.