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Holden Commodore parts availability problem

My 2009 VE Commodore Sportswagon has a problem with the rear tailgate actuator, due to a design problem that lets water into the switch mechanism. My dealer is telling me that it is very common and that the part is no longer available. By law, shouldn't Holden keep parts in stock for 10 years? Is this attitude from Holden of not addressing problems because they no longer make cars in Australia going to become a more regular conversation at Holden Dealers? Holden Customer service doesn't want to know either. I am now driving an unroadworthy car and feel frustrated with the attitude of both Holden and their Dealer. Do you have any advice please?

Holden does have a responsibility to support its products with parts and service for a reasonable time, particularly for a car like the VE, which is relatively new. Consult the people at Consumer Affairs about your concern and ask them to approach Holden on your behalf.