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Ford Ranger: fuel tank problems

Asked by Laurie Miller

In April last year I purchased a new Ford Ranger Supercab 4x4, which was clearly shown in both the warranty and service guide and the owner's handbook as having a 70-litre fuel tank. Now, I fill up when the fuel light comes on and I have never been able to put more than 52 litres into the tank. When I asked the dealer to check this I was told that Ford has the same part number for both the 70-litre and 65-litre tank. The dealer promised to investigate this situation, but nothing was done and just after the warranty expired they told me it was out of their hands and suggested that I contact Ford Customer Care. I did. The lass on the phone was polite and advised me that she would investigate and phone me back. When she did she told me that Ford would not change the tank. She then advised me "just because the literature stated that a vehicle had a particular part, Ford could change the specification anytime it wanted to, and that the customer had no recourse." This might sound like nit picking, but it could be the difference between carrying a fuel can or not.

Answered by CarsGuide

14 Oct 2010

My information is that the 4x2 Rangers have a 63-litre tank and the 4x4 models have a 70-litre tank. It would seem odd, even unbelievable, that Ford would have the same part number for both tanks. If you read the small print contained in the brochures Ford, and other companies, issue you will find they include a disclaimer that says the company retains the right to discontinue or change the features, designs, colours, materials and other specifications of its products at its discretion. What that means is that the buyer should check the specifications before buying a vehicle. At least you now know the distance you can travel before needing to refill with fuel.

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