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Driver's seat on 2013 Ford Ranger

The driver's seat in my 2013 Ford Ranger the driver's seat will not stay up -in the elevated position - it gradually sinks to the lowest position. This  has happened since I took delivery of the vehicle and I have repeatedly reported the problem to the Ford dealer, who says only to be informed that "Ford is aware of the problem since it affects all of the current model Ranger and they are working to fix the problem". It's hard to believe that after more than a year 12 months has passed and Ford still hasn't rectified the fault in all Rangers being built and that they can't are unable to fix the problem in my vehicle.

Good news from Stephen Kruk, general manager of Ford Australia's customer service division, who says: "We will have a service fix released before the year's end." I've been agitating and yours will be one of the first Rangers to get the fix.