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Holden Colorado: Suspension squeak

In November last year I bought a new Holden Colorado 4x4 dual-cab and within two weeks of delivery a squeak had developed in the left-hand front suspension. My dealer attempted to fix this by lubricating the bushes, however this did not fix the issue. I have now learnt that this is a known problem with the Colorado and read in your column a few months ago that a fix was only a couple of weeks away. It has now been six months since I have owned my vehicle and I am still awaiting a fix for this issue. It is not a very good advertisement for this vehicle when you are driving down the street and people stare due to the loud squeaking noise the vehicle is making, not to mention embarrassing. I have contacted Holden customer service in regards to this issue and the response I received from them was that these things take time and at this stage there are no parts available to fix is issue. How long should one be reasonably expected to wait for a fix for this problem?

The information we received from Holden last week was that the bushes were available to fix the squeak, so go back to your dealer and tell him.