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Bruce Robertson ASKED THE GUIDE

Best way to sell a 2009 Passat diesel wagon?

What do I have to do to generate interest in my wife's 2009 VW Passat diesel wagon? We've owned it from new, it's been fully VW serviced, and is in excellent condition inside and out. The selling price is flexible, but there has been no interest. We replaced it with a brand new one and even with the emissions rating 'scandal' we still see the CDI Passat wagon as economic to run, versatile and good value for money.

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
30 September 2016

The VW brand has been tarnished somewhat with the automatic gearbox and the diesel emission issues, and that could be turning people off. It does sound like a decent car, however, one that would be worth looking at. It might be a case of setting a price that no one can ignore. The guiding price range is $11,000 to $13,000, so perhaps consider dropping it below that.