Ask Smithy Xtra Commodore seat problems

After reading about a complaint of the plastic trim on Commodores splitting and breaking I can tell you that Commodores have had seat problems for years. My VY had the problem and so has my one-year-old VE. The problem is that the foam splits and you cannot see it because it is covered by the cloth trim. Once the foam splits and sags it puts pressure on the plastic trim and it breaks. Holden will replace the plastic trim once under warranty, but will not come to the party on the main problem, which is the foam breaking down. They replaced the seat on my VY, but the dealer said Holden would not do it anymore since the GFC. What has that got to do with the warranty?

Good to know if the plastic trim breaks on your Commodore. If it does, look deeper and have the dealer replace the foam as well as the plastic trim you can see. I’d say the real reason that they don’t change the foam is that it’s an expensive exercise, and nothing to do with the GFC.