Car leasing now likely to get you more metal for your money

26 June 2015
, CarsGuide

If you financed a car a couple of years ago and are coming to the end of your lease term, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

The monthly repayments on that Ford or Holden you leased four years ago could now get you into something with a luxury badge on the nose.

Today's record low interest rates, combined with soaring house prices, mean car finance is both cheaper and easier to secure.

Most people have considerably more equity in the family home than they had four years ago, which means the bank manager is more likely to approve a bigger loan. And the lower interest rates mean you get more metal for your monthly repayment.

A leading multi-franchise dealer says the economic climate is one of the big drivers behind the explosion in luxury car sales this year.

Of the big three, Audi is up 16 per cent, BMW 13 per cent and Mercedes-Benz 19 per cent

Total new-car sales have grown by a modest 2.5 per cent but most luxury brands are enjoying double-digit growth. Of the big three, Audi is up 16 per cent, BMW 13 per cent and Mercedes-Benz 19 per cent.

The top end of town is doing even better, with Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini recording spectacular sales.

At the other end of the market dealers report that the government's tax break on purchases up to $20,000 hasn't had a huge impact.

And some are quietly admitting that the customary end-of-financial-year discounts aren't as sharp as previous years because demand has been strong enough without them.

So if you've left it until the last week of June to arm-wrestle a deal out of a desperate dealer, you may be out of luck. Unless you're rolling over a lease of course.