BMW 320d Diesel Problems

Is the BMW 320d reliable?

Answered by CarsGuide 23 Nov 2018

So long as you service it on the dot, change the oil at least every 10,000km or six-months, and drive it with mechanical sympathy the BMW 320D should be a reliable, comfortable, and safe daily driver.

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2010 BMW 320D failed timing chain

Answered by CarsGuide 28 Aug 2017

The problem with the N47 diesel engine dates back to 2007. There are plenty of overseas reports of the timing chain failing, as yours has done. Deal directly with BMW head office and seek some support for the cost of repairs. It is a problem, and BMW should bear some responsibility for it. If you can’t get any help, go to the ACCC and make your complaint to them.

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Known issues with high-mileage BMW and Mercedes?

Answered by CarsGuide 20 Nov 2015

Our experience is that older BMWs suffer problems with things like the plastic fittings on the engine, the plastic radiator tanks etc. that can add up to a sizeable sum of money when you have to replace them. One car, an older 3-Series that had done around 250,000km developed a problem with the power steering that had mechanics completely stumped. After four visits to the workshop, having replaced the steering rack, the power steering pump and many other steering parts, it was finally found that the fault was in the steering column. That was replaced and the problem fixed, but it cost more than $2000, and that's using second hand parts. That said the engines and gearboxes, etc., are bulletproof. We don't have the same feedback on the C-Class, but remember all cars have problems; no car is completely free of trouble.

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