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Articles by James Lisle

James Lisle

James Lisle

Content producer

James Lisle (aka J3) likes all things cars.

Cynical and enthusiastic in equal measure, James loves to clamber into anything with a steering wheel and a decent amount of grunt.

Although it may seem the J3 glass is half empty on first acquaintance with a new ride, he maintains a balanced approach and will happily lose himself in technical details relating to even the most common, mass market models. Bore and stroke ratios, specific output stats, and thermal efficiency figures are his guilty pleasures.

Yes, it's the Mini Remastered, that fabulous lookling restomodded Mini from the British manufacturer David Brown Automotive. Well, it's been driven by PistonHeads and it might not be that bad. Reworked with a suite of...Read more
We glance back at one of the most extraordinary times of car design. A time of The Beatles, lava Lamps and turtlenecks. Bring on the '60s. Check out the other parts of this series: Interior design through the decades:...Read more
Fuelled by technological innovation and a massive economic boom, 1950s car design meant that a lot of things could be founded on pure imagination. Conventionality seemed to be well down the priority list for many brands...Read more
Aston Martin's pretty much tried everything. From watches, to bicycles, boats, and even prams. But that hasn't stopped the marque from trying again. Forgetting their previous collaboration with Toyota that brought us...Read more