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Articles by James Lisle

James Lisle

James Lisle

Content producer

James Lisle (aka J3) likes all things cars.

Cynical and enthusiastic in equal measure, James loves to clamber into anything with a steering wheel and a decent amount of grunt.

Although it may seem the J3 glass is half empty on first acquaintance with a new ride, he maintains a balanced approach and will happily lose himself in technical details relating to even the most common, mass market models. Bore and stroke ratios, specific output stats, and thermal efficiency figures are his guilty pleasures.

Well, when we say "HiLux"... It may look like a garden variety HiLux in profile, even from the front. But don't be deceived by this little Aussie-built ute - this car is off the chain! Built by Nigel Petrie down in...Read more
It may look a lot like the old one, but Rolls-Royce says the new Phantom points the way forward for the luxury industry. Since the eighth-generation Phantom's unveiling three days ago, the world has gone wild; people...Read more
“ My sister bet me I couldn’t make a car out of spaghetti. You should’ve seen the look on her face as I drove pasta. ” Take a $65k-plus BMW i3 and slap some pasta vinyl on it. How much do you think it would sell for? $...Read more
What else would the godfather of Australian motorsport be driving? While we all know about Tony Quinn's lightweight 633kW VR38DETT powered ' Ford Focus ' that was built by Pace Innovations in Queensland, HillClimb...Read more
Does this car need an introduction? I mean, really? It's the convertible version of the halo Ferrari of the decade; the current pinnacle of engineering from one of the world's oldest and most distinguished sports car...Read more
Remember, not everyone tunes cars to go faster. Some of us just do it for the hell of it. I mean, what's the first thing you do when a brand new replacement engine comes in? Fiddle with the old one until it blows up, of...Read more
Whatever yuppie charm this 911 had back in the 1980’s is all gone now. Built by Scott Girondo in Pennsylvania and covered by Because Daddy , this engine swapped Porsche 930 might just be the best thing in the world. Or...Read more
Think of the US-spec Honda Odyssey and what comes to mind? School runs? Monotony? Beige? Well, between May and July this year it was anything but, according to Forbes . It was so un -beige in fact, that the 2017 model...Read more
You've heard the stories – France is drying up. Come 2040, there will be no chance for you to race through Paris powered by fire and gasoline. It'll all be banned - forever. Rolling into the servo, I love the smell of...Read more
Granted, that's a lot of money, but "think of all the activities." On sale in Bentley, WA – yes that's the actual place – this custom triple-cab 2013 Ford F-650 Super Duty could be just the ticket to a world of...Read more
Spotted at Pugfest 2017 in the UK, this 1985 Peugeot 205 T16 is a perfect example of care and showmanship. Number 177 out of 200, this rare Peugeot 205 T16 is far from the muddy condition that its rally car siblings are...Read more
Lamborghinis aren't typically the type of car you're tempted to bolt giant turbochargers on. I mean, "slow" isn't the word you use to describe them, but hey, who am I judge someone else's craziness. Built by Dallas...Read more
While the BMW E30 already has a strong cult following, this engine swap could just take it to the next level. Jammed in with (presumably) the world's biggest shoe horn, this BMW E30 3-Series got the Japanese treatment...Read more
If you told someone 20 years ago that a Renault hatch would be able to keep up with a McLaren on a racetrack, they’d probably die laughing. Today is a much different story. Working with a Megane RS 275 hot hatch , the...Read more
No, it may not be a real Shelby Cobra but it'll probably tear your arms off. Built by the subtly-named replica specialist Superperformance, this Shelby Cobra 427 MKIII has undergone a slew of modifications to keep it...Read more
Ask any car guy and he’ll probably be satisfied by the 1JZ-GTE; smooth power, effortless torque, and the ability to go hard all day, every day. For some, the only problem would be that it isn’t a 2JZ engine. But hey,...Read more
Yes, another Tesla success story on the internet - how original. But for good reason. You see, the Model X has absolutely owned the infamous Moose Test, sailing through with complete composure. Independently tested by...Read more
Yes, while we are all deeply saddened that the Australian muscle ute will fade into history this October, it'd be best not to lose your face at the wake just yet. It isn't completely over. Thanks to Smyth Performance, a...Read more
It sounds great in theory - a topless 2017 Mustang converted into a rough-and-ready off road monster for the Middle-Eastern dunes. A bellowing V8 powered Tonka Toy with more matter than mind. It sounds awesome, right?...Read more