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Audi A4
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Audi A4 Pricing and Specs

2021 price from

The Audi A4 is available from $55,900 to $72,900 for the 2021 range of models in Sedan and Wagon body types.

Now in its fifth generation, Audi’s A4 presents as a genuine alternative to the ubiquitous BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class in the luxury sedan space, and has carved a place in Australia as the third premium German choice. Priced between $55,900 and $72,900 for the base A4 35 Tfsi Mhev and top A4 Allroad 45 Tfsi Quattro Mhev models, and available with a choice of petrol or diesel engines in various states of potency, the Audi A4 is paired exclusively with an automatic gearbox that will send its power to the front wheels. Or to all four, should you opt for a 'Quattro' model.

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Year Price From Price To
2021 $55,900 $72,900
2020 $42,700 $75,240
2019 $39,700 $69,850
2018 $34,600 $71,390
2017 $22,400 $58,850
2016 $19,500 $46,090
2015 $16,500 $35,970
2014 $15,000 $35,860
2013 $11,600 $30,360
2012 $9,400 $28,600
2011 $8,900 $27,280
2010 $9,000 $24,750
2009 $8,400 $24,860
2008 $5,600 $21,450
2007 $4,400 $21,120
2006 $4,000 $17,820
2005 $3,700 $16,830
2004 $3,700 $16,830
2003 $3,900 $16,830
2002 $3,900 $16,830
2001 $3,900 $12,650
2000 $4,100 $11,440
1999 $4,100 $11,440
1998 $4,200 $10,340
1997 $4,100 $11,770
1996 $4,200 $9,900
1995 $4,200 $8,250

Audi A4 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Audi A4 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Are there any negatives in buying a repossessed car?

    Check the status of the car on the Vicroads website. Providing there is nothing untoward about it, no money owing on it etc., there shouldn’t be any problem. If the registration has been cancelled it will require a current roadworthy certificate to reregister it.

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  • High oil consumption in A4

    At 1 litre per 1000 km your engine was already consuming too much oil, at double that rate of consumption it is way too much. VW/Audi engines have a reputation for using oil and need to be checked regularly to ensure you don't inadvertently cause damage by letting it run low. You could try appealing to their sense of goodwill and ask Audi to cover part of the cost of repairs, but as your car is seven years old I don't believe you have much chance of success.

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  • A4 servicing issues

    It's possible that the chain broke due a loss of oil, but there are a number of possible reasons it could have happened. You won't know until it's pulled down and a mechanic can assess the damage and determine the cause. VW engines, that means Audi, are renowned for using some oil, but to determine if it is excessive you need to do a proper consumption test, which was about to be done when the engine failed. Your best option is to work with the dealer as they investigate the problem and take note of anything you're told by the dealer that might help you later on when you try to claim against Audi for the cost of repairs.

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