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20 April 2020

Looking for a hobby? Nissan wants your artwork

By Matthew PritchardMatthew Pritchard

When Giovanny Arroba, designer of the Ariya concept car, was asked for advice on becoming a car designer, his respons was "Draw like crazy. Draw, draw, draw".

Nissan has really taken that message to heart with its new social media campaign, encouraging people all over the world to get their creative juices flowing.

The campaign was announced in a video hosted by Nissan's senior vice president for global design, Alfonso Albaisa, along with his two sons. In the video Albaisa walks us through the drawing process and design of the Nissan 240Z.

Even if you can't DRAW a 270Z, it's still fun to colour one in. (image: Nissan #drawdrawdraw) Even if you can't DRAW a 270Z, it's still fun to colour one in. (image: Nissan #drawdrawdraw)

Over the coming weeks more Nissan designers will post to the hashtag with their own images and videos while also including content on their own design inspirations, how they became designers, what you can do if you're interested in breaking into the business, and most importantly, what they're drawing at the moment.

If drawing isn't something you're super confident with, I feel you. I tried sketching the other day and all my 'people' looked like Play-Doh figures that had been left on a hot dashboard. But, fear not! Nissan has also created twenty-three downloadable colouring-in pages. You can find classic models, current models, concept cars and cult classics. If you're starting to get a bit stir crazy and anxious thanks to the global pandemic (honestly, who can blame you?), colouring in a Nissan GT-R could be a great way to pass the time. Or a Figaro. To each their own - right?

If you're keen to get your artwork looked at (and possibly commented on!) by a Nissan designer then all you have to do is post your work with the hashtag #drawdrawdraw. Or, if you're not keen on posting and just want some nice, rhythmic, colouring therapy, you can download and print the image pdfs here.

Happy art-ing!