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Lexus IS200 2002: Is it worth keeping my car is issues are starting to arise?

Answered by CarsGuide 30 Aug 2019

That’s a difficult call to make. The car has done quite a few kilometres and is in the twilight of its life. If it’s been properly serviced all its life to date and you continue to service it well you should be able to keep on top of any issues that crop up. But at the same you should anticipate that problems might occur more often now, and that will involve more expense. Looking forward you need to decide if you want to gamble on it giving little or no trouble, or get out of it. If you are not sure about it get out of it now.

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Takata airbag recalls extend to Lexus

Takata airbag recalls extend to Lexus

17 Jan 2017 · by Robbie Wallis

Lexus Australia has announced it will recall 2166 vehicles over an airbag fault, the latest in a long list of malfunctioning airbags made by embattled Japanese parts manufacturer Takata.

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Do trade-in valuations consider added options?

Answered by CarsGuide 24 Jun 2016

The trade-in valuations generally don't take options into account, that's consider covered by the range that goes along with the valuation. The trade-in guide on your car is $28,000-$31,500. You should also remember that it's a guide only, and there's no reason why you shouldn't negotiate a better price, and to shop around to get the best price you can. You are better off buying a higher model with everything fitted to it than a lesser model and then optioning it up. It will always be the lesser model, no matter what's fitted to it.

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Mustang, 370Z, IS350F, 86 or MX-5?

Answered by CarsGuide 11 Apr 2016

If you don’t want a convertible, which rules out the MX-5 as my easy first pick, then the 86 is the car for driving enjoyment on a reasonable budget. But don’t overlook its Subaru twin, the BRZ, which is my choice of the two. Both get The Tick, having shared our Car of the Year award.

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Lexus or Mercedes-Benz?

Answered by CarsGuide 17 Nov 2014

The Benz is so far ahead of the Lexus that it's not even a contest. The C-Class gets The Tick and is also one of the favourites for our Car of the Year award. I wouldn't bother with the C250 unless it has some standard features you like, because the C200 is a brilliant car.

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Lexus recalls 100,000 IS 350, GS 350 and RX 400h

Lexus recalls 100,000 IS 350, GS 350 and RX 400h

5 Sep 2013 · by Karla Pincott

The safety recall is to fix electrical and mechanical defects that could cause the vehicles to either stall while being driven, or to go into 'limp home' mode, where they can be driven only at ...

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Lexus IS350 premature brake disc wear

Answered by CarsGuide 12 Apr 2013

It is very low kays to have to machine the discs. The squeal you're hearing is not normal, so I would take the car to a brake specialist, who I'm sure would be able to help you fix the problem. Maybe the discs don't need replacing. If they do you could use aftermarket rotors, which should be cheaper than the factory ones.

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