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Con Chronopoulos ASKED THE GUIDE

Do trade-in valuations consider added options?

I have noticed that trade-in valuation sites on the Internet do not give you the option to tick if you have options fitted to a car. I have a $10,000 enhancement pack fitted on my 2013 Lexus IS300h Luxury and when I had the vehicle valued at Lexus I was only offered the lowest price on a vehicle without any options on the Internet sites. Are additional options fitted on a new vehicle reflected when trading in the vehicle, or are they a waste of money? Are you better off purchasing a higher model with the options standard when trade in time comes around?

The trade-in valuations generally don't take options into account, that's consider covered by the range that goes along with the valuation. The trade-in guide on your car is $28,000-$31,500. You should also remember that it's a guide only, and there's no reason why you shouldn't negotiate a better price, and to shop around to get the best price you can. You are better off buying a higher model with everything fitted to it than a lesser model and then optioning it up. It will always be the lesser model, no matter what's fitted to it.