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2015 LDV G10
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2015 LDV G10 Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The LDV G10 2015 is priced from $17,888 for Commercial G10 (base).

The LDV G10 2015 comes in Commercial and People mover.

The LDV G10 2015 is available in Regular Unleaded Petrol.

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(base) 2.0LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed automatic $13,000 – 18,810
(base) 2.4LRegular Unleaded Petrol5 speed manual $10,900 – 15,950

People mover

(7 Seat) 2.0LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed automatic $10,000 – 15,070
(9 Seat) 2.0LRegular Unleaded Petrol6 speed automatic $11,300 – 16,610

LDV G10 2015 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the LDV G10 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • How does the LDV G10 compare to the Hyundai iMax and Kia Carnival?

    There are so few LDVs out there it’s hard to say how reliable they are, but we know the iMax and Carnival are good. I would go for the Carnival.

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  • LDV G10 2016: Blowing white smoke

    Service intervals are specified as either/or, it’s whichever comes first. Your service is due in August, or at 30,000 km if that comes first. White smoke would tend to suggest a problem with the turbocharger. Turbochargers have to have clean oil to survive; dirty oil will kill them eventually. You need to negotiate with LDV, if you haven’t missed the service by a long way you might be able to get some help on the cost of repairs; otherwise you’re unlikely to get much assistance.

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  • LDV G10 2016: Does it have a timing chain or belt?

    There were three engines offered in the 2016 LDV G10, Brett; a turbo-petrol, a non-turbo petrol and a turbo-diesel. Here’s the answer to all three possibilities: Both the two-litre turbocharged petrol and the turbo-diesel use a timing chain. The 2.4-litre non-turbo petrol engine uses a timing belt.

    The timing belt will need replacing at regular intervals while the timing chains should be good for the life of the vehicles they are fitted to.

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