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Jaguar E Type 1967

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Jaguar E Type 1967

The Jaguar E-Type is also known as the Jaguar XK-E and the Jaguar V-12 in markets outside Australia.

Jaguar E Type 1967 Price and Specs

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Jaguar E Type Model Body Type Specs Price from Price to
4.2 Convertible 4.2L Leaded 4 SP MAN
4.2 Coupe 4.2L Leaded 3 SP AUTO $25,100 $36,740
4.2 Coupe 4.2L Leaded 4 SP MAN
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Jaguar E Type 1967 Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption for the 1967 Jaguar E-Type is dependent on the type of engine, transmission, or model chosen. The Jaguar E-Type is available with the following fuel type: Leaded.

Jaguar E-Type Model Body Type Specs Fuel Consumption
4.2 Convertible 4.2L,Leaded,4 SP MAN
4.2 Coupe 4.2L,Leaded,3 SP AUTO
4.2 Coupe 4.2L,Leaded,4 SP MAN
* Combined fuel consumption See All Jaguar E Type 1967 Pricing and Specs