Ford Laser Engine Problems

Shuddering Laser automatic

Answered by CarsGuide 5 May 2011

Intermittent problems can be very hard to diagnose because they rarely happen when the mechanic is present. Same with the diagnostic checks, nothing will show up if the engine is running normally when the checks are done. I would be checking the various engine sensors, their connectors and the witting loom, looking for a corroded or poor connection.

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Ask Smithy Xtra Oil covered spark plug in Laser Liata

Answered by CarsGuide 28 Apr 2010

There could be a little more wear in bore of the cylinder your concerned about, it could be a worn valve stem, or a damaged seal. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it, it doesn’t sound serious, but I would continue to observe it and if it starts to run poorly have it checked. As for the clunk when turning under brakes, check the front suspension bushes for wear.

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Mystery Shudder

Answered by CarsGuide 5 Feb 2010

You need to have it checked by a mechanic with diagnostic equipment. It could be the fuel injectors simply needing a clean, or an engine sensor malfunctioning, or several other things that can only be checked by a mechanic with the right equipment.

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Long-lasting laser

Answered by CarsGuide 1 Jul 2004

I CAN'T predict when your engine might expire, but you could get a guide by having a mechanic check some of its vitals. You say it drives well and isn't using oil, which is a good sign. But check to see if it's blowing smoke under any conditions and have a mechanic run a compression test to check the state of each cylinder. If all that comes out positive, I wouldn't be concerned about the engine giving up in the near future. As for the Astra, I have no problems recommending it.

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Bugged by a flat spot

Answered by CarsGuide 7 Aug 2003

While the 1.6-litre engine isn't a ball of fire, and you're weighing it down further with the auto, it should still be perky enough so that it isn't frustrating. Have a mechanic check it over to make sure it is tuned correctly. And check fuel and air filters for any blockage that might rob your car of power. Also have the compression checked to make sure it hasn't lost some of its zip there. It's possible to modify the engine to get more power out of it, but the costs would be hard to justify on a 1994 Laser. If you can't find a cause, think about replacing it with a car that can deliver the performance you want.

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