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Ford Focus 2020

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Ford Focus 2020

The 2020 Ford Focus range of configurations is currently priced from $24,999. Our most recent review of the 2020 Ford Focus resulted in a score of 7.6 out of 10 for that particular example.

Carsguide Senior Journalist Richard Berry had this to say at the time: The Focus ST is going to be the perfect hot hatch for many – quick, practical, affordable and driveable every day, much like the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Others will want something hotter, sharper and wilder looking, but for the foreseeable future the ST is the most hardcore hatch Ford has to serve up.

You can read the full review here.

This is what Richard Berry liked most about this particular version of the Ford Focus: Grunty four cylinder engine, Great dynamics, Bang and Olufsen stereo

The 2020 Ford Focus carries a braked towing capacity of up to 1400 Kg, but check to ensure this applies to the configuration you're considering.

Ford Focus 2020 Q&As

Check out real-world situations relating to the Ford Focus here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • What is the best dog-friendly car?

    If you like the idea of the Honda but don’t want such a physically large package, take a look at the Honda Jazz. Yes, it’s probably one size down from your current Focus, but its interior is very spacious for its external dimensions. It’s also the car that has probably the most versatile interior in terms of flexible seating arrangements with a rear seat that folds, slides and tumbles. It also has normal ride height (as opposed to the jacked-up stance that SUVs boast) so your dog may find it easier to jump in without hitting anything. Beyond that, you really need to visit dealerships and check for yourself that rear doors, rear seats and general layout suit your very specific canine requirements.

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  • Will a 2004 Ford Focus 2.0 manual clutch plate work in a 2009 Ford Focus?

    Although both the Ford Focus from 2004 and 2009 were both offered with a two-litre petrol engine, those engines were actually different in terms of their mechanical specification. With that in mid, it’s very unlikely that the clutch from the earlier car would be compatible with the later version. A quick search also revealed that the replacement clutch kits for each version of the Focus you’re dealing with carry a different part number which is a pretty good indication that there are differences between the two.

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  • Which generation Focus can I use to replace a window on a 2016 Ford Focus?

    The Mark 3 Ford Focus was sold here from 2011 until 2018, so, on the surface, pretty much any car from that range should be able to offer up a replacement front window. But it’s not that simple. The rear window could be a bit more specific, because the Focus was available as a four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback, so the rear doors on each of these variants could be different. Other potential incompatibility issues could crop up between the very early version of this car which was built in Germany, and the later version (which you have) which was built in Thailand. There’s another catch in this apparently simple task, too: For the facelift in mid-2015, Ford was chasing greater interior refinement and, to achieve that, switched to thicker side glass. That means you need to find a window from a post-2015 car as the thinner glass of earlier models will probably be incompatible with the rest of the window hardware in your car.

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  • Where is the fuel filter located in my 2010 Ford Focus?

    For the 2010 model, Ford switched from a replaceable fuel filter located just in front of the fuel tank under the car, to a 'lifetime' filter which was part of the fuel pump. The fuel pump itself, meanwhile, is located inside the fuel tank, so that’s where the filter lives as well. Despite being a lifetime filter, contaminated fuel and other factors can require the filter to be changed and the good news is that the filter can be replaced independent of the actual fuel pump. That bad news is that the tank needs to be removed from the car to access those components, so it’s not a cheap, simple job.

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Ford Focus 2020 Price and Specs

The Ford Focus 2020 is currently available from $24,999 for the Focus Active up to $51,990 for the Focus ST.

Pricing guides

Based on 61 cars listed for sale in the last 6 months
Lowest Price
Highest Price
Ford Focus Model Body Type Specs Price from Price to
Active Hatchback 1.5L ULP 8 SP AUTO
Ambiente Hatchback 1.5L ULP 6 SP AUTO
ST Hatchback 2.3L PULP 7 SP AUTO
ST Hatchback 2.3L PULP 6 SP MAN $34,200 $44,220
ST-Line Wagon 1.5L ULP 8 SP AUTO
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Ford Focus 2020 Wheel size

Wheel size for the 2020 Ford Focus will vary depending on model chosen, although keep in mind that many manufacturers offer alternate wheel sizes as options on many models.The wheel size available will alter the range of tyres available to be fitted.

Ford Focus Model Body Type Front Tyre Size Front Rim Rear Tyre Size Rear Rim
Ambiente Hatchback 205x60 R16 16x6.5 inches 205x60 R16 16x6.5 inches
Trend Hatchback 205x60 R16 16x6.5 inches 205x60 R16 16x6.5 inches
ST-Line Hatchback 215x50 R17 17x7 inches 215x50 R17 17x7 inches
Active Hatchback 215x50 R18 215x50 R18
ST-Line Wagon 215x50 R17 17x7 inches 215x50 R17 17x7 inches
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Ford Focus 2020 Boot Space

The Ford Focus 2020 Hatchback has a boot space size of 273 Litres.
Ford Focus 2020 Boot space Ford Focus 2020 Boot space

Ford Focus 2020 Dimensions

Dimensions for the 2020 Ford Focus are dependent on which body type is chosen. The maximum width and height is 1844mm x 1483mm and can vary on the basis of model.

Dimensions for the Ford Focus 2020 Dimensions  include 1483mm height, 1844mm width, 4397mm length.
Ford Focus Model Body Type Height x Width x Length Ground Clearance
Ambiente Hatchback 1454x1825x4378 mm 135 mm
Trend Hatchback 1454x1825x4378 mm 135 mm
ST-Line Hatchback 1454x1825x4378 mm 125 mm
Active Hatchback 1483x1844x4397 mm 163 mm
ST-Line Wagon 1472x1825x4668 mm 123 mm
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Ford Focus 2020 Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption for the 2020 Ford Focus is dependent on the type of engine, transmission, or model chosen. The Ford Focus currently offers fuel consumption from 6.4 to 8.8L/100km. The Ford Focus is available with the following fuel types: ULP and PULP.

Ford Focus Model Body Type Specs Fuel Consumption
Active Hatchback 1.5L,ULP,8 SP AUTO 6.4L/100km
ST Hatchback 2.3L,PULP,6 SP MAN 8.1L/100km
ST Hatchback 2.3L,PULP,7 SP AUTOMATED MAN 8.8L/100km
ST Hatchback 2.3L,PULP,7 SP AUTO 8.8L/100km
ST-Line Wagon 1.5L,ULP,8 SP AUTO 6.4L/100km
* Combined fuel consumption See All Ford Focus 2020 Pricing and Specs

Ford Focus 2020 Interior

With a change to a new-generation model comes an update to the Ford Focus interior. An 8.0-inch Sync3 multimedia touchscreen is added to the dashboard, while leather trim is available on higher grades. The front seats will easily accommodate two adults, but people around six-foot tall might struggle in the rear during extended trips, as these images show.

Ford Focus 2020 Towing capacity

The Ford Focus’s towing capacity ranges from 0kg to 1400kg. Some models also offer heavy-duty or towing option packs which can increase towing capacity, as well as options which can hamper towing capacity. Towing capacities can vary wildly on a large number of factors. These include engine, transmission, model, and options chosen. Always check with the manufacturer or in your vehicles handbook before attempting to tow anything.

Ford Focus Model Body Type Specs Braked Capacity
Ambiente Hatchback 1.5L,ULP,6 SP AUTO 1000kg
Trend Hatchback 1.5L,ULP,8 SP AUTO 1200kg
ST-Line Hatchback 1.5L,ULP,8 SP AUTO 1200kg
Active Hatchback 1.5L,ULP,8 SP AUTO 1200kg
ST-Line Wagon 1.5L,ULP,8 SP AUTO 1200kg
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Ford Focus 2020 Seats